About Congestion Charge

The congestion charge was introduced to reduce the amount of traffic coming into and around the city center of London.

The congestion charge area comprises of City of London, Clerkenwell, Soho, Bloomsbury, Victoria, Borough, Waterloo, St James’s, Finsbury, Holborn, Mayfair, and parts of Marylebone.

When entering the congestion charge area you will see Congestion Charge signs at the side or on the road. When leaving the area you will see signs with a ‘C’ with a cross through it at the side of the road.

How it works

Within the congestion zone there are cameras that read number plates and which are then checked against a registration number data base to see if you have paid or are exempted from paying the charge.

Congestion zone prices

£10 for the day, Monday to Friday between 7.00am to 6.00pm excluding public and bank holidays, and between 25 December and 1 January inclusive.

You can pay before the day you intend to enter the zone, on the day or by midnight the next charging day ( for which you will be charged £12). If you travel on a Friday you have until midnight the following Monday by which you can pay.

You can also choose to pay automatically using Auto Pay at a price of £9.

Residents who live in or near the congestion charge zone may be eligible for a 90% discount. You will be allowed to register one vehicle for which you must be the registered keeper, or hirer, or your personal company car. To register your vehicle for the discount you must pay £10 annually and once registered you can:

  • Set up auto pay where you will be charged a £10 administration charge after which you pay 90p for the days you use your vehicle.
  • Pay £5 for five consecutive charging days ( payable before or on the first day of travel by midnight, otherwise you will be charged at normal rate of £12 if you pay after this).
  • Set up monthly payments of £20 for 20 consecutive charging days
  • Set up annual payments of £252 for 252 consecutive charging days

Also If you park inside the charging zone and do not use/move your car during the congestion charge hours, you do not need to pay the charge. However, if you do use/move your car within the congestion charge hours, you will need to pay the charge.

You can make congestion charge payments at :

  • Shops or gas stations with the Congestion Charging sign or the epay logo
  • Online at cclondon.com
  • Pay by mobile phone text message(you must first register with TfL)
  • By phone 0845 900 1234, Sunday to Friday 6.00am - 12.30am and Saturday 6.00am - 10.00pm.
  • By post, made using the ‘Paying the Congestion Charge’ postal form.

Who is exempted from paying the congestion charge

If you know your vehicle is exempted from the charge then there is no need for you to register your vehicle.

  • Licensed taxis and minicabs within London
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • NHS vehicles
  • Bicycles, motorbikes and mopeds
  • Vehicles with nine or more seats that are licensed by the DVLA as a bus.Vehicles that are registered in an European Economic State outside the UK can be exempted fully only if they register with TfL.
  • Vehicles that carry disabled passengers
  • A vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Defence
  • Vehicles for Disabled persons